No one can end impaired driving in Kentucky alone. That’s why we need your help. Donations help fund safe rides and promotional materials needed to reach high-risk drivers across the state.Whether you’ve lost a loved one to impaired driving, used a Safe Ride KY code in the past, or just want to do something nice for someone else, use the form below to make your donation.

● $10 – One safe ride
● $50 – Five safe rides
● $100 – Ten safe rides
● $125 – Funds promotional materials that promote Safe Ride KY at a bar or restaurant of your choice for one year (for retailer donations only)
<blank> – Personal memorial donation

If you’ve made a retailer donation, please leave the name and address of the business you’d like to receive promotional materials (must be in KY). If you’ve made a memorial donation, please let us know your loved one’s name.

Safe Ride Kentucky
Retailer Donation
Ten Safe Rides
Five Safe Rides
One Safe Ride
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